What is Liquiproof spray?

What is Liquiproof?

Liquiproof uses nanotechnology to create an invisible hydrophobic barrier that makes water and oil unable to touch the fibres of the fabric. Very simply, liquids bead up and roll off.

What Shoes or Material can I use Liquiproof on?

Liquiproof are suitable for all types of fabric. Synthetic or Natural (Suede, Satin, Nubuck, Silk, Cotton, Canvas, Synthetic, Tweed). It can also be used on sheepskin boots, hats, gloves, nubuck boots, leather golf shoes, canvass trainers, jodhpurs, suede shoes, riding boots, football boots.
*Always check for colourfast first by testing in an inconspicuous area

How long does it last?

Permanent. Liquiproof can only be removed through mechanical abrasion, extremely strong alkalies and acids and on suede or sheepskin liquids above 60 degrees Celsius. Excessive dirt will reduce the repellent effect of the coating. Please maintain the surface and clean at regular intervals with water. Remove excess dirt with a fine brush and only use cleaning agents recommended for the fabric. For more information please contact us for further advice.

How do I apply it?


How many shoes can I cover with 1 bottle of Liquiproof spray?

Depending on the size and material you are treating. Follow the application method above, one bottle will be able to treat 2 pair of Size 8 Suede shoes. Do not try and make the bottle treat more than 2 pairs of shoes. This will reduce performance.

What is the difference between Liquiproof spray and other shoes protector spray out on the market?

Liquiproof is simple and cost effective. Most importantly, it last a lifetime compared to other spray that last 3 weeks at most. Liquiproof are also eco-friendly, nonflammable and odourless footwear spray.

Why do I need buy Liquiproof?

That depends on how much you care about your shoes. We offer piece of mind. Avoid ruining your Air Jordan, limited ed New balance, expensive Bally loafer, prized sneakers, boots, trainers and shoes.

  • Save money – At the equivalent of just £5 per pair of shoes, it can save you from the expense of having to buy a new pair. Once Liquiproofed, they are resistant from being damaged by bad weather and stains from accidental spills.

  • Look and feel more presentable and approachable - Footwear stays in good condition for longer. Old and tatty shoes greatly affect your overall appearance.

  • Stay comfortable - Liquiproof Footwear Protector reduces the risk of wet feet. Rambling, backpacking and sports such as golf can all be ruined with that horrible feeling of having wet feet. You will be able to enjoy your sport for longer without worry. Did you know having wet feet for long periods of time can result in:

Athletes Foot - It’s contagious and characterized by blisters, itchy skin and a burning or stinging sensation.

Maceration, or pruning, which results from the outer layer of skin absorbing moisture. The skin becomes sore, itchy, and soft, which makes it prone to blistering.

Cracking of the skin as it dries out after being macerated, because the skin has been robbed of its natural oils by the moisture. These cracks can be very painful and difficult to treat, depending on the size and location on the foot.

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