How to use Reshoevn8r?

In this page below, our team have actually compile all the FAQs and videos that you may find it useful when using Reshoevn8r.

Using Reshoevn8r for a quick clean for your shoes



Using Reshoevn8r for a deep clean for your shoes

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Do i need to use the washing machine every time i clean my shoes?

No this is just an added option for shoes that need a deep clean. Reshoevn8r offer many other ways/products that do not include the laundry process. 

What temperature should i wash my shoes in?

Always wash your shoes in COLD water. NEVER USE WARM OR HOT WATER. NEVER put in the dryer. We recommend placing your shoes in well ventilated room to allow it to completely dry overnight.

What type of detergent should i use?

We recommend a mild liquid detergent

Can I use Reshoevn8r to clean suede/nubuck sneakers/shoes?

Absolutely just be extremely careful with dyed suede and nubuck. Before cleaning the entire shoe, be sure to check for color bleed in an inconspicuous area.

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