Duffy's Brew Craft IPA Beer Shampoo - 355ml

Duffy's Brew Craft IPA Beer Shampoo - Chance Lifestyle Singapore



What it is:

Duffy’s Brew, The Original Craft Beer Shampoo is made with real, actual, drinkable (and delicious) IPA from a premium small-batch brewer on the East Coast.

Shampoo made from craft beer is naturally rich in Amino Acids, and the Hops, Roasted Barley & Malt provide a restorative coat of Vitamin B, Proteins & Minerals that protect each strand of hair while adding incredible body and volume. The Hops and Yeast also contain anti-septic properties that help treat scalp irritations & dandruff, and the Maltose & Sucrose used in the brewing process tighten hair cuticles for enhanced shine.

Duffy's Brew beer shampoo lathers thickly & rinses cleansubtle spiced mahogany and caramel fragrances compliment the bold aroma of the beer. 


  • Fennel Seed - seals & protects color, offering protection from damaging peroxide. It’s also an Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Irritant.
  • Aloe Leaf - a powerful moisturizer that nourishes and protects the scalp & hair from dust, smoke & smog.
  • Acai Berry – an antioxidant that energizes & stimulates hair growth.
  • Gogi Berry - helps repair & restore hair that’s been over-processed.
  • Sunflower Seed - leaves your hair silky soft & incredibly smooth.

Duffy’s Brew Beer Shampoo come in 355ml and is 100% Vegan and Sulfate, Paraben & Phthalate-Free. 

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